“I’m going to be okay & for that I would like to thank you. You have helped turn this horrific event
in my life into something that has changed [me] forever for the good.”

— T.F., former client

“I’m not sure if you remember me but a few years ago you really helped me. Thank you for that. 3 years later and I’m still feeling better.”
— G.H., former client

“You really are an Angel in the midst of dealing with trauma! My work with you is complete, for now. have noticed a great deal of improvement and peace since my 1st EMDR meeting with you. I will be scheduling with you again, as well as my family.”
— JR

“I went from imposter to professional! My presentations went well and I was so relieved!
Thank you so much for your support. It made a real difference!!!” DMD

“There are times I don’t want to come to my session because l’ve worked all day, nothing to do with you. But it doesn’t matter what my day or week has been like, from the time I enter my session until I leave my session, I feel seen, heard, and safe with you. ” 
— JS

“I thought it was hokie, but I went along with Angel as she asked me, “Can you, or are you willing to trust the process?” I like to know what the process is, Angel was patient and kind, she helped me find safety in the midst of unbearable grief only a few weeks after the shocking loss of my loved one by suicide.
Four weeks after my intensive sessions, and a couple supporting sessions after, I realize I am no longer experiencing the images, the horrible feelings in my body, nor the blaming thoughts I was telling myself. Instead, I am able to accept the raw reality of my loss. IF you’re questioning EMDR or an intensive, “Trust the process” with an experienced counselor. I recommend Angel.”
— LL