Inner Wisdom: The Intrinsic Power Within

Wisdom Tree

Imagine you are sitting in my counseling office, feeling a bit lost or overwhelmed by life’s twists and turns. Maybe you have been through some tough stuff, or perhaps you are just searching for direction and meaning. Either way, you are in good company because, as a counselor and EMDR and Brainspotting therapist who follows Christ, I’m here to tell you something—I firmly believe in the wisdom that is already inside you.

Yes, you heard me right. There is this incredible wisdom tucked away deep within you, like a treasure waiting to be discovered. And guess what? It is not something you have to go searching for outside of yourself. Nope, it is right there, bubbling up from within, ready to guide you through life’s ups and downs.

Now, let’s talk about EMDR Therapy and Brainspotting for a sec, they are pretty amazing modalities. EMDR, which stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. Basically, it is a way to help you process past traumas and unlock your inner wisdom. Brainspotting is another powerful technique that works on a similar principle. It involves locating points in your visual field that can help access unprocessed trauma in the brain. The kicker: I am not a magician waving a wand and fixing everything for you., you are not broken.  I am more like a guide, helping you tap into that wisdom that has been there all along.

And then there is my faith. Yes, I am a follower of Christ, and let me tell you, His teachings align with this whole idea of inner wisdom. He talked about the Kingdom of God being within us, and I believe that’s where our true wisdom comes from. It is like having a little piece of divine guidance right in your heart.

In my sessions, I blend all these things—counseling techniques, EMDR Therapy,  Brainspotting, and a sprinkle of faith—to create a space where you can explore your inner world and find the answers you have been searching for. It is not about me telling you what to do; it is about empowering you to trust yourself and your own intuition.

Life can be noisy and chaotic, I get it. But in the midst of all that craziness, there is this quiet voice inside you, whispering words of wisdom and guidance. And my job? Well, it is to help you tune into that voice, to listen closely and follow its lead.

So, whether you are struggling with past traumas, feeling stuck in a rut, or just craving a deeper connection with yourself, know this: you already have everything you need already inside you. Together, we will unlock that inner wisdom and set you on a path to healing, growth, and living more to your potential.

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