Individual Therapy

407547304You’re treading through rough terrain, seeking solid ground.

Before the overwhelming life experience, you effortlessly navigated life’s challenges, but lately, the balance has become disrupted.

Achieving stability feels like a distant goal; when you’re nearing your limit, additional stress descends, pulling you further into the abyss.

Fatigue is setting in, breaks are a rare commodity, and the usual remedies are ineffective.

Well-intentioned advice adds to the load rather than lightening, deepening isolation because others may not fully grasp the impact and intricacies of your experience.

Misaligned and stuck best describe how you feel.

Others see you as happy, prosperous, and put-together, but you know the truth, which doesn’t align with your faith.

Anxiety keeps you up at night, frustration and overwhelm over small things boil over, and the buzz in your body does not turn off.

Despite appearing put-together, both exhaustion and hopelessness linger – revealing a misalignment with your desired freedom and joy. You keep telling yourself, “I am over childhood troubles,” but your body is far from over them.

Your anxiety sensors are on high alert, and you don’t know how to turn them off in your search for safety. You are seeking new solutions for a more fulfilling life.

1987929032You seek a navigator to illuminate the path ahead.

You are proactive, thrive on taking action, and consider challenges conquerable. The motto, I can handle this,” reverberates throughout you. Yet, in this phase, you feel disoriented and confused in uncharted territory.

Although you expected some challenges, the persistent presence of anxiety, exhaustion, stress, and grief, coupled with disruptive panic attacks and occasional flashbacks, has left you constantly on edge.

What you truly desire is a life that’s inspiring, not insurmountable. Navigating transformation’s intricate path is daunting alone.

My wish is for you to feel safe and connected in your life.

Safety is being present in the moment, often making us feel safer. Take a moment to notice what catches your attention, and you might find a surprising escape from mental chatter. Learning to resource with curiosity boosts your ability to focus on the positive, preparing you to handle the negative and create new experiences.

Connection helps life flow better when aligned, organized, and in order. Dissonance, its opposite, feels like a gap between who you are and who you aspire to be or when your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and values aren’t in sync.

Navigating and embracing challenging emotions can shrink these gaps. Facing and leaning into fears, such as the fear of failure, opens the door to fresh responses and positive transformations – where curiosity and challenges weave together.

Are you ready for what is possible?

1712484145Create new brain pathways.

Retelling your story to another therapist is daunting. No worries! The nitty-gritty details aren’t necessary. Bullet points are all that’s needed. We’ll hold a firm intention toward your highest healing. I’ll meet you as a steady guide and ally.

Join me on this transformative journey with EMDR and proven brain science, where I’ve created a space in my office and my presence for you to find safety within. Forge new neural pathways for resilience, adaptability, and safety. Discover the wisdom within, uniting thoughts and emotions for meaningful change. This exploration unveils authenticity, instills body safety, and unlocks love and empowerment.

Join the journey to your best self.

What is required to illuminate the path ahead? You need to trust the process – to ‘feel your feelings’ without being overcome. How do you settle into that trust? You have to experience it, but you are not alone. Figuring it out on your own was never intended.

Let’s carve out a new path together.

Your path might seem worn, rugged, and too entrenched to change. A new, smoother trail will form through compassionate connection, inside and out, and practical and proven techniques.

We’ll meet in a space that honors and holds your hope to heal. All nervous systems have the potential to heal. Let’s steer yours onto a new path and offer the support and direction it craves.

The next step is yours.

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