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You’ve tried your best to move past it.

It happened such a long time ago, but the pain is still with you.

And just when you think you’re making progress, something happens to undo all your work.

You never know what will trigger a wave of panic from one moment to the next.

Almost anything can set you off – a song on the radio, a loud noise, a stranger’s voice.

Every day is a struggle.

You wake up each morning from another night of awful, vivid dreams about your past.

You’re always on edge, waiting for some unseen threat to strike.

Disturbing memories flood back without warning, making it impossible to concentrate or focus.

It’s hard for you to trust or let down your guard with anyone fully.

There is another way.

EMDR is the gold standard treatment for those grappling with lingering emotions from complex events from their past.

This cutting-edge technique works on a neurological level to process the emotions at the source, taking away their distressing power.

There’s no need to relive these upsetting events in painstaking detail for this process to work.

Simply let the brain’s natural healing power do its work and start living the life you deserve.

You have the potential for so much more.

Reclaim the joy of experiencing life fully once again.

Stop living in fear of where the next trigger will come from.

Reconnect with your loved ones and yourself.

Finally, feel safe and secure enough to live the life of ease and laughter you’ve always wanted.

Let’s work together.

You don’t have to live in fear of your past any longer.

Get the help you need to start thriving again.

Call me at (512) 661-2912 for your free 20-minute consultation and see how EMDR can change your life.