EMDR Adjunct Therapy

1085273549You have the support of a great counselor.

In the work with your counselor, you feel stuck on challenging experiences. Anxiety, overwhelm, and panic engulf your system. Those specific memories, body sensations, and limiting beliefs are on a loop.

Stuck points can be discouraging for both you and your therapist. Helping make things more encouraging is where I come into the picture!

I team up with you and your primary therapist to tackle those specific memories, body sensations, or tricky intrusive thoughts. Together, we set up a plan, narrow our focus, and move through those stuck symptoms that hold you back in a concentrated and focused way – EMDR Intensive.

Specialized supplemental support can enhance your therapeutic work.

Adjunct EMDR is supplemental to your ongoing therapy. It is not a replacement or a disruption of your primary therapy. Think of it like your primary care doctor referring you to a specialist when necessary – an additional layer of support that works alongside your ongoing therapeutic journey.

You continue to work with your primary therapist, and you and I embark on a short-term journey together, usually involving about 4-12 extended sessions. I use the intensive format for scheduling. The success of adjunct work involves clearly defined goals for me, defined in collaboration with you and your primary therapist.

Often, brief adjunct EMDR can accelerate progress in traditional therapy, help you and your primary therapist resolve stuck points, and enrich your ongoing work.

Complete the form and submit it, or call (512) 661-2912. I am ready to join with your primary therapist and yourself.