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2216772877The setback is temporary with no permanent damage.

As a Christian, you get that God made you in his image, and your life is valuable. But let’s be honest – there’s often this big gap between knowing it in your head and feeling it in your heart.

Here’s the kicker: Everyone falls into the trap of feeling broken. It could be from not-so-great parenting, misunderstanding the world’s vibe when we were little, or some spiritual struggle we’re dealing with. Get this: it might even be a defense mechanism.

Think about it – It’s easy to blame ourselves when we’re little, and our needs don’t get met. How else do we make sense of caregivers who can’t or won’t meet our needs? So, we figure something must be wrong with us and try to fix it, hoping we’ll finally get what we need.

Here’s the twist: We hang onto this belief that we can’t get our needs met, even when we’re older, wiser, and perfectly capable of taking care of ourselves. Crazy, right?

Recognizing your inherent worth makes your authenticity thrive.

Living authentically becomes challenging when you feel convinced you are not measuring up. It’s a heartbreaking situation.

When you remain stuck in the “I feel broken” mindset, it all boils down to fear – with FEAR and false evidence appearing real.

And let’s be honest, making life choices and living from a place of FEAR isn’t the most efficient or joyful way to go about things.

Sure, good stuff can still happen; however, there must be a better, more accessible way to live, right?

1760148725Positive transformations abound as awareness of sufficiency grows.

Things start to change when we truly understand that we are capable enough and not permanently damaged. You see, faith is the opposite of fear.

Living in the lie about being broken also means living in the lie that God doesn’t love us enough to desire the best for us. Moving through these feelings and the often-painful parts of our past that solidified these lies sets us free to live out who we are and are meant to be.

When this freedom allows us to take leaps of faith, secure in the knowledge that we are loved and will ultimately be okay, we are safe in our relationship with God.

Getting closer to God means getting more in tune with who we are. When we’re in sync with ourselves, we see the real deal – recognizing our strengths and understanding the limitations of our humanness.

Disconnecting from our lives may be helpful.

That disconnectedness may even feel safe, but it is not always accurate.

In our society, thinking is highly valued, almost to the point where being emotionally numb is rewarded.

This disconnect between our thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and senses across our physical, mental, emotional, psychological, and spiritual lives isn’t just unhelpful – it’s potentially harmful and a fragmented way to live.

To be spiritually healthy, we need emotional health. And emotional health closely aligns with physical health. It’s all connected.

To some, certain “sins” seem more acceptable than others. But we can move past disconnect and judgment when we acknowledge that we all make mistakes and have our vices and areas to heal and grow. Instead, we can support each other in living out the purpose that God has given us.

1911399991Healing begins with connection.

That connection is with God, ourselves, others, and the world around us. Our thoughts and feelings should work together, allowing us to tap into our intuition and wisdom and make the best decisions for ourselves and those around us.

When we stop fearing our emotions and trust that we can handle them as they come, we become free of the fear that can bind us. That freedom helps us make bold choices from our authentic selves, and it’s okay to make mistakes – we know we’ll be okay in the midst of them. It’s your chance to engage in your life fully.

Being fully present frees you from reacting to stuff that goes down.

Instead of reacting as usual, you get to choose how you respond. And guess what that brings? Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness – the good stuff – the fruits of the Spirit.

Getting good at being present is like a muscle you build. It’s about paying attention to what’s going on right now, tuning into the feelings that show up, going at your speed, to your degree, and embracing a fresh experience with whatever’s in the mix.

It’s all about connecting more and more with yourself, and that connection radiates outward. Safety, connection, and faith are indeed crucial elements of our well-being. Take that leap of faith and get unstuck. Let’s connect and kickstart your courageous journey toward an authentic Self.

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