1125351071Maybe you are here because – you name it.

Unresolved trauma is affecting your mental and physical state – hindering sleep, triggering anger outbursts, and leading to shame spirals.

Persistent painful memories and negative thoughts create a constant struggle, leaving you feeling stuck. The overwhelming flood of these memories pushes you into an exhausting state of constant alert.

You avoid situations triggering this pain to protect yourself, creating distance from family, friends, and meaningful relationships.

Distressful feelings locked in your mind breed a sense of helplessness, imposing limitations on your life. Regardless of the cause, this stuck-ness hinders your ability to navigate your emotions.

Perspective shaped events that have unfolded in our lives.

Our nervous system reacts as we engage with the world, generating thoughts, emotions, and physical responses. Our nervous systems guide us back to past experiences through our bodies, allowing us to address unresolved matters. This regression is a common occurrence.

Understanding and accepting this phenomenon, we can differentiate between our responses to the present and echoes from the past. In this context, trauma, characterized by an overwhelming amount too soon, for too long, or too little for an extended period, can be viewed as a “time disorder.” Similar activators may bring it to the forefront in the present.

As we begin to address the reservoir of trauma lodged in our bodies, we gain more capacity to pause, offering us the freedom to choose how we want to respond. That pause and choice give us power. Our resiliency increases, and we get to show up more as our authentic selves.

This process distinguishes past pain from present circumstances, granting access to our intuition (God’s most direct means of communication with us) or your wisdom.

788012602Here’s how we work through it.

You bring all of you (and your dog, too). That is right, too much, not enough, the known and unknown, and everything in between!

Brainspotting is a therapeutic approach that emerged from EMDR, providing a deeply embodied method for reprocessing emotional pain.

This approach places profound trust in the innate capability of your body and mind to journey toward healing. Embracing this trust and natural flow becomes especially beneficial when you’re uncertain about your emotions, what exactly is bothering you, or whether your experiences “qualify” as trauma.

By staying attuned to your body’s signals and maintaining curiosity, we will discover, experience, and move through the pain that yearns for healing.

As you journey forward, your body remembers.

It is equally true that your brain knows the way to healing. You can rely on it to guide you toward your healing journey.

I provide a secure environment for you; I emphasize this point because I gently guide and observe, staying attuned to your mind and body processes. It brings me great joy to step aside and let the healing process unfold.

If you’re prepared to revisit those feelings meaningfully, have a fresh experience, and do it in a non-overwhelming way, you will gain strength and resilience. As you engage, the past will no longer dictate your life, placing it where it belongs – in the past! Seeing the change possible in your life excites me.

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