About Therapy

110190122Navigate the path of pain.

During this journey, you are not alone here.

I believe that healing occurs within the context of relationships – with ourselves, others, and the world. We discover a profound sense of belonging, security, and centeredness by embracing our authentic, unfiltered selves, complete with imperfections.

A secure beginning for you as your power in resilience becomes revealed.

I invite you to join a space where you can express your authentic self. There are no expectations regarding how you present yourself, and there is no ‘right’ way to exist within this space.

Be you. You are here to heal.

Embrace trauma and/or grief as a transformative chapter.

Building connections and making progress are possible.

I thrive connecting with clients who actively seek to engage in their lives. They exhibit drive and motivation, aiming for enduring transformations.

Their willingness to embrace the discomfort at the edge of their limits demonstrates their commitment to exploring the unfamiliar, all in pursuit of creating the life they aspire to.

1741398956Understand the role of trauma and grief role in personal growth.

I integrate EMDR therapy, somatic approaches, and attachment principles to guide our exploration. Through somatic-based therapy and a focus on attachment, we’ll collaborate to discover your power, strength, and healing capacity, emphasizing the intricate connection between the mind and body.

This approach enables us to delve into emotions and experiences that may elude verbal expression but have profoundly influenced us. The healing and transformative process is intricate and unique to everyone. Therefore, we will work on identifying the best approach for your transformation.

I’ll partner with you to establish a space and relationship tailored to your needs, where curiosity and challenges intertwine. Together, we’ll craft reparative and healing experiences the way you choose, traditional weekly sessions, half-day or full-day intensives, or as an adjunct therapist for EMDR.

You choose how you want to work with me. Fostering your connection to the life you aspire to live is paramount. Embark on this journey together with me.

About Me

AdminHelping others to heal is my passion.

Sitting across from me, you will discover my humanity, very much so! I have a straightforward relational approach, valuing authenticity and honesty.

I invite you to reciprocate by being authentically human and honest. I will never ask anything from you that I’m not currently practicing or haven’t done before. I also go to therapy!

Becoming a therapist was a mid-life career change because I was a teacher for many years before becoming a counselor. I have found passion and satisfaction in my life as a therapist-healer.

While all this is noble and lovely, my greatest successes, delights, and joys are my four adult children and their families. Being a grandparent is surreal. However, sharing in the most incredible parts is my husband of 30 years.

Here’s information about my training.

I am a certified EMDR therapist and EMDRIA-approved consultant. It is an honor to walk alongside colleagues in their healing work.

My clinical training includes interpersonal neurobiology (IPNB), attachment, and family systems. I am also trained in Polyvagal Theory and Somatic integration and will frequently wind these modalities into the EMDR treatment to further reduce and resolve symptoms.

I have completed many hours of EMDR training and continue to take advanced courses, specifically for trauma and grief. I am passionate about the intersection of psychology and theology and view psychology as applied theology.

When I’m not working…

I thoroughly enjoy kayaking, dropping in the water wherever I might find a place suitable makes kayaking even more fun and unpredictable.

My therapy-trained dog, Mabel, is a trustworthy companion on the intense and long walks to do my own processing. Also, baking is a shared and delicious enjoyment my family and friends delight in with me; I mean, come on, if the baker doesn’t enjoy their own food, who will?

These activities not only bring me joy, but also play a vital role in maintaining my well-being, allowing me to bring a refreshed and positive energy into my therapeutic practice.

Let’s take this journey together.

It is an honor to walk with individuals for a brief period in their life journey as I live out my mission of supporting change makers, those who decide to live out their dreams and realize their full potential.

I invite you to contact me; complete the contact form here on the website, email me (angel@angelhirsch.com), or call (512) 661-2912 and leave a text or voice mail. I WILL get back to you.