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The past still haunts you.

You were walking to your car in the parking lot at work when you heard footsteps behind you.

All at once, your heart began to pound, your breathing strained, and every muscle in your body tensed.

You stopped dead in your tracks as the footsteps approached. The older woman smiled and waved as she walked past you. Even though the threat had passed, the panic remained.

The pain seems to affect everything you do.

You’re always on edge and frequently lose control of your emotions, only to regret it immediately.

Friends call to make plans, but you’re so scared of triggering another panic attack that you’ve started avoiding unpredictable situations.

In the process, your life keeps getting smaller, and you’re becoming more and more isolated.

Negative self-perceptions hold you hostage.

You’ve explored self-improvement to find the joy and connection you desperately desire.

Yearning for guidance to settle your thoughts, it seems happiness is just out of reach.

Instead of peace and joy, you struggle with overwhelm.

There is another way.

Therapy can be a compass, guiding you to release the burdens of trauma and grief that have become entrenched within you.

It facilitates a process where you can reclaim a sense of safety within your body, allowing you to feel at home and attentive to your innate wisdom.

As the weight of past experiences lifts, you’ll gain the energy and courage to confront difficulties head-on.

If you are motivated,
ready to define your lived
and live embracing the
continuum of your journey,
it is time to reach out.

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Hi, I’m Angel.

I’m here to embark with you on a transformative journey toward the life you’ve always wanted.

Using a combination of educational, practical, and proven therapeutic interventions, we’ll discover the root causes of your issues.

Practicing EMDR therapy, we’ll use the brain’s natural healing power to resolve the residual pain from your past.

Together, we’ll facilitate the reconnection of your mind and body and help you develop a newfound security that empowers you to express your needs confidently.

Through this process, you’ll learn to cultivate authentic connections and navigate relationships with a sense of assurance and emotional resilience.

If you’re ready to take the next step on this healing journey, I am ready to guide you. To begin this work, you don’t need to articulate every nuance of your experience. All it takes is some courage and commitment.

Transform the pain into change.

Finally, tap into your innate strength and wisdom and realize your full potential.

Get in touch now to receive the support, encouragement, 
and guidance you deserve.